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Jorgelina Dulce
Creado: 19.10.2015 @ 11:12:49 am
Estado del Foro: Abierto
Easy...is it possible? Difficult...is it easier?

Once you have watched the video and answered the question about the grammar points likely to be taught with the song, think about the following:

is it possible to use a text that is of a higher level to teach beginners or very young ss? Is it easier to use the same text for ss with an intermediate level? why? Can we use the same text fo both groups? how?

Conceptos clave: Ecaths
Estela Gauna Castillo
Creado: 08.11.2015 @ 2:51:43 pm
Everything is possible for a good Teacher.

I think it is possible to use a text of a higher level to teach beginners, but the teacher will not focus on the same grammar points as he/she would do with higher level students. It may be easier to use the same text for intermediate level students for the reason that they will know more vocabulary, verb tenses, grammatical structures, etc. 

WE can use the same text for both groups by making some adaptations for each group. At lower levels, we can work on Present simple sentences, expressions, vocabulary, etc while at higher levels, we can focus on more advanced grammatical structures, idiomatic expressions, rhythm, etc.  

Brenda Milagro Albornoz
Creado: 07.11.2015 @ 7:31:53 pm
It is possible!

From my point of view it is possible to teach students with a lower level and an elementary level with higher level texts but it is neccesary to adapt some activities according to the level of the mentioned students.

maria silvia correa
Creado: 07.11.2015 @ 7:10:06 pm
eassy...is it possible. Difficult ...is it easier?

According to the didactic bibliography we can learn with our tranee teacher the different problems that teachers can face in every day class such as sts with different english level in a same class, so that, it is possible to teach different sts level with the same pedagogical material such as a text of higher level,but the teacher should adapt not only some grammatical points in order to not frustate sts, but also the activities for each group. And from this text teachers can engage the new topics.This could be very chalenge for teachers.




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